Property Maintenance

Lawn maintenance

Over 45 years in the landscaping business teaches you a thing or two about how to make a lawn look stunning—even in the winter. At Gallucci Landscaping, we pride ourselves on an in-depth and comprehensive lawn maintenance approach that produces results that simply can’t be matched. With regular lawn mowing and a comprehensive fertilization program, your green and perfect lawn will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Bed Edging & Mulching

What’s the most immediate way to improve the visual appeal of your home and landscape? Proper bed edging and mulching. At Gallucci Landscaping, we know that improper maintenance can cause major issues with your plants and trees. Our experts begin by taking care of the shrub-bed cleanup and weeding, using only the safest, non-toxic products that don't remain in the soil. We then power through the bed edging and mulching in any style, color, and quantity you require (or decorative stone if preferred). The result is a thriving landscape year-round.

Landscape maintenance services including lawn fertilization in Wexford, PA

Landscape maintenance including spring and fall clean ups in Wexford, Allegheny County, PA

spring/fall clean ups

As the seasons change, so does the condition of your landscape. Fortunately, Gallucci Landscaping can bring your yard back to its most beautiful, functional state. The fact is, no matter how clean your yard is in the fall, there’s always a mess in the spring. Leaves have fallen, and sticks and branches have accumulated, with many embedding themselves in the ground. Spring and fall clean up can be more of a task than you're ready to handle, but Gallucci Landscaping is here to help. We promise the quickest, cleanest, and most affordable yard clean up services in the Pennsylvania area.

snow removal

We know how frustrating it can be to wake up and find your property covered in snow. That's why Gallucci Landscaping also specializes in swift, thorough snow removal throughout Westmoreland and Allegheny county. With 24/7 on-call snow plowing and shoveling services, we understand that snow can come at any time and you need a trusted partner to remove it. Before the snow even begins to fall, we'll ensure we’ve made a site plan of your property to deliver the fastest service and most complete snow removal when you need it.

french drains

Does your neighbor's land stand at a higher elevation than yours? Chances are you may find yourself experiencing problems with excessive moisture on your property. If water is running down the slope and spilling onto your property, you need better yard drainage. You need Gallucci Landscaping to install French drains. We can install a simple system, relying on gravity for a well-planned slope that moves water to a dry spot quickly and effectively.

Fertilization Program

Immediately increase your curb appeal with our specially developed, individually customized fertilization program. Gallucci Landscaping expert landscapers will feed your lawn with the proper, environmentally friendly fertilizers to strengthen the root system and combat the harsh effects of heat, drought, cold, foot traffic, mowing, and more. Using a granular fertilizer liquid weed control, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), your lawn will look better than ever. 

Property maintenance including french drains in Wexford, Allegheny County, PA

Landscape maintenance including shrub trimming in Wexford, Allegheny County, PA

Core Aeration and Thatching Services

When you need to increase air, water, and nutrient movement to the root zone, you need Gallucci Landscaping core aeration and thatching services. With one or two treatments a year, you'll reduce soil compaction, intensify decomposition of thatch, stimulate new root growth, and improve soil drainage. The end result? You'll have a better environment for over seeding, and increase the effectiveness of fertilization and other lawn-care products.

Shrub Trimming

What’s the best way to keep your shrubs healthy and thriving throughout the year? Consistent trimming services by the experts at Gallucci Landscaping. We'll put over 45 years of shrub care knowledge and experience to work to beautify these plantings, while combating and controlling common dangers like insects and disease that can have destructive effects. Whether you need us in the spring, summer, and fall or for a single trimming in the summer, you can count on us. We can even make recommendations on placement, colors, and even specific plants that will thrive in your yard.



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